Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i was Born

I was born to laugh
I learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love
I'm gonna learn to love without fear

Pour me a glass of wine
Talk deep into the night
Who knows what we'll find

Intuition, deja vu

The Holy Ghost haunting you
Whatever you got
I don't mind

Put your elbows on the table
I'll listen long as I am able
There's nowhere I'd rather be

Secret fears, the supernatural
Thank God for this new laughter
Thank God the joke's on me

We've seen the landfill rainbow
We've seen the junkyard of love
Baby it's no place for you and me

I was born to laugh
I learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love

I'm gonna learn to love without fear

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

only YourLove, is strong.

He is all i need.
His love is all i need..

Your love is, Your love is, Your love is Strong."

"Heavenly Father,
You always amaze me.."

Butterfly Fly Away

I have those nights occasionally.
The nights of overwhelment.
Overwhelming school.
Overwhelming life.
Overwhelming with nonsense worry.

Wish I were a butterfly and could fly away.
Not fly away to get away,
but fly away to do what I'm meant to do.

I'm thankful for my mum...
who reminds that I'm still a catapiller.
My fly away day will come,
but not today.

"Wish you may, and wish you might...

Don't you worry, hang on tight...


I just have to wait for my day.
To fly away.

Friday, November 12, 2010

everything Is Yours

Mmmmm :)

I'm finished with the negativity.
Nothing is mine.
So there's nothing to worry about.
Ah, now that's so refreshing.


"...if everything is Yours, everything is Yours
if everything is Yours,
I can't let it go; it was never mine to hold.
I can't let it go -I can't let it go
Cause everything is Yours, everything is Yours..."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the worst part.

I guess the worst part is,
I knew it was coming.

I heard this song this past weekend,
and repeated it for hours.
Digesting the lyrics.
Thinking of the story behind them.

I knew this past weekend.
That image was in my head.
I hate those images.
Because I can't change the future.
Especially when I've already glimpsed it.

Now that doesn't mean it can't change,
because it can.

But sometimes I hate being right.
I wish one dream was wrong.

I miss you.
Not the stuff, not the extras.
Just you.
The talks, the walks.
Wish I could tell you.

I'm in a confusing place.
A confusing state of mind.
Do I wait?
Do I let go?
I know I DO trust God.
That's the only thing I can do.

I'm looking to the future,
and it's a beautiful thing.
Because God's in it :).


"I still remember the look on your face
Lit through the darkness at 1:58
The words that you whispered
For just us to know
You told me you loved me
So why did you go

All that I know is that I
don't know how to be something you miss

You can plan for a change in weather and town
But I never planned on you changing your mind"

Falling Up ... and exiting the fall.

How do I deal with learning.
I don't know.
I wish learning wans't so painful,
but then I guess we'd never really learn.

I guess next time I shouldn't say what's on my heart.
I guess next time I shouldn't get so caught up.
I guess next time I shouldn't...
Next time I SHOULD think things through.
Next time I SHOULD listen to both, my head and heart.
Next time I SHOULD...
Should what?

There's no perfect solution.

There's no fight, no "big problem."
It's always the same,
"I don't know what I want."
"Our futures don't match up."
"I need to focus and not be distracted."

Good to know I'm:
only present

Well, I know what I want.
Not a fling.
Not a convenience.
Love isn't convenient.
And it isn't easy.
But it is worth fighting for.

I'm not mad.
I'm just not a toy.
Even though I wish we could stay together and work it out,
rather than running away...

I exited the fall and now it's over.
I'm learning it's all before my heart.


"From the shallows enough
to the depths of your scars
you know you want to change

In the rafters of fate
fixed and spinning late
there is a certain fear
I found a way out through
everything I've known
I'm walking fearless put
my faith down and all that I own
 Call it what you wanna
call it all a game
call it insane
all of these voices
So exit the fall and now it's over
you're learning it's all before your heart
so exit the fall and now it's over
you're learning it's all before your heart"