Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beyond This Moment... will be too late

Love does not envy...
Love does not boast..
Love keeps no record of wrong doing...

Love is forgiving.
Loves is patient.
Love is kind.


I love you. 
And I pray that never goes away.
Love will find a way. 
There is no time limit, no deadline.
It's always there, waiting to surprise us. 
You... you...
were a surprise. 
Such a lovely surprise,
at such a perfect time. 

I never believed in love at first sight...
I never thought someone could fit...
Goes to show, never say never. 
Because as soon as you do, 
God shakes His snow globe of a world 
and turns your plans upside down. 

Live life for today,
tomorrow will never come.
And love today, 
because tomorrow will be too late.