Monday, May 31, 2010

The Switch

Last night I made the switch. 
Although it's only been one month and three weeks since we broke up, 
I still  hadn't changed my facebook status. 

We agreed that we wouldn't made our breakup a big deal, 
therefore keeping it low key so people wouldn't know. 
But I'm tired of people asking how he's doing, 
when I'm going  to see him next, 

I hate seeing the look on their face when I say, 
"I don't really know. 
We broke up almost 2 months ago, 
so I really don't know what he's doing at all now."

I know his friends saw my changed relationship status. 
Got a few "shocked" comments. 
I hope he's not hurt from me making it public now. 
It was just hurting me keeping it a secret.


 "Breathe in breathe out, 
move on and break out...
We push and pull, 
and I fall down sometimes...

Cause there is a light, in your eyes.
Hold on and hold tight,  
and if I'm out of your sight, 
everything keeps moving on, movin' on. 
Hold on, hold tight,
Make it through another night,  
Cause everyday, there comes a song with the dawn.

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