Monday, February 8, 2010


When all you need is to hear his/her voice, calling is a great thing.
Although expensive.

I love Skype.
The free connection to anywhere in the world. 
It saved my distance relationship. Seriously.
However, sometimes Skype is more of a teaser than a helper.
On the nights that I realllllly miss him, Skype is rough.
I can hear him, and see him but can't touch him.

That's when I need a hug machine...oh, wait - there IS a hug shirt!

On the market soon, for $500-700.
Yea, in that case I think I'll stick with the Skype - the free way to comunicate.

Still, what else can you do?
Distance relationships usually revolve around phone call schedules.
Unfortunate, but true.
Although it's rough, communication IS what saves relationships.
Whatever it takes, communicate.


NVA said...

i can feel with you...

SARAH...brown said...

are you in the middle of a distance relationship, too?

angeli3_dance said...

i know what you mean about the scheduling phone convo's. i normally wait for 9 o'clock (p.m) to roll around so that i can talk to him. and thank God he has free long distance calling, that's a major plus. we also talk on msn messenger which seems to be working pretty well :D

SARAH...brown said...

do you have skype?

Clare said...

Ohhh I know how you feel, Skype pretty much is to thank for my relationship still working. Love Skype!