Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Start

Long distance relationships are a huge pain in the butt.
I mean, let's be honest - they are.

I've been in one for 4 years and it really gets harder every single day.
Of course, some days are better than others, but the majority of the time -
it sucks.

Of course there are both positives and negatives to distance relationships, but tonight...I'm really missing him.
So I'm a bit negative.

Feel free to vent, give advice and meet other individuals dealing with the same issues.

For the longest time, I thought (and felt) that I was alone in this.
But the more I look, the more I realize just how many other couples there are...
breaking the boundary of distance and proving that love, does after all, conquer all.


angeli3_dance said...

Sarah, i know exactly what you mean when you say good and bad days. Some days i feel like long distance isn't a big deal, and other days i feel so depressed. It's the worst feeling in the world, and then i think to myself and look around me, and see all these couples holding hands, or kissing or hugging and it makes me want that too. & it sucks when i know i can't hold him when i want to. The pain that we go through is unbearable half the times, but i know deep down inside that it's worth every minute of my life, because I know one thing is for sure I will never give up on my boyfriend or on our relationship. I also know that if we can conquer this distance then, we can go through anything. I sometimes wonder why God is making us go through this, but the only answer i can find is that love is amazing and no matter how much it hurts sometimes you just can't give up. Every morning when i wake up, it's a battle but i know that I can overcome it & God is on my side. I think that without God I would not be able to do this long distance relationship. I know that God is also trying to teach me patience, since i haven't mastered it yet. but everything is part of His perfect plan. One thing is for certain, I will never give up, no matter how hard it is or it will get because I know that this distance won't be forever...It's just for now. I love my boyfriend with all my heart, and I can say that I can not see my life without him. Life is not the same without him, when we are apart i feel like i don't know which direction to go, i almost feel lost but somehow i make it through, because God is my strength.

fledgling said...


if the love you have is real, distance (and temptation) wont get in your way.

vassiliki ellwood