Friday, May 28, 2010


Sometimes I cheat.
And look at his facebook page. 
Although we aren't facebook friends anymore, I can still see most of his site because his isn't set on private like mine is. 

Today I saw his latest album. 

He's growing out his hair. 
[which is something I alway wished he would do]
He's taking much more pictures. 
[which is something I always asked him to do]
He's taking his pictures using the same style as I do.
[which is something that interests me]

I, on the other hand, 
Am not changing anything about my appearance.
Am taking a signifigant less amount of pictures. 
Am trying to switch up my photography style.

i don't know what's going through his head. 
i wish i knew what was going through my own. 

Maybe someday I'll understand.
And know the truth. 
Do I believe him? Or everyone else?
I chose to believe my heart; him.

Someday, I will understand. 


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I still look at his facebook, even though it's been over a year and we have both moved on. I'm happily with a different guy, one who is better than he ever was, but I still check. Every once in awhile. It'll be better.

My prayers are for you.

.sarah .brown said...

Thank you.